Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Journey Through the Museum

Entrance to the Sanskriti Museum
Journey through the Museum

The journey through the museum, beings with the Paleolithic section of man in the past in Hazaribagh. The visitor is first of all introduced to the showcase with the stone tools of the Paleolithic age where one can view the stone tools. These stone tools help in the understanding of how man lived and worked hundred of thousands of years ago. 
Museum Collection
The museum has in its collection the stone tools going through the Lower Palaeolithic, middle Paleolithic and upper Paleolithic ages. These stone tools of the middle and upper Paleolithic are evidence of a continued evolution of man in a given region. 

Next the visitors are introduced the stone tools of the Mesolithic age and Neolithic ages. The Museum has over two hundred stone tools in its collection.

Sanskriti Museum & Art Gallery

Sanskriti Museum & Art Gallery, Hazaribagh

View from outside the museum
The  museum was an initiative of Mr. Bulu Imam, Regional Convener of the Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH) Hazaribagh regional Chapter. He along with his family members discovered the various Buddhist sites, megalithic sites and the rock art sites of the region.

The Sanskriti museum at Hazaribagh has been in existence for over two decades now. The display is presently housed in his personal house which used to be the Tea Garden District labour Association building at the turn of the century in about 3 acres campus and lis a listed heritage building. The Museum also has an art gallery where the world famous Khovar (marriage art) and Sohrai (harvest art) paintings of Hazaribagh, which is a continuing tradition of the rock-art of our region are displayed. The Museum displays the painted panel of the rock-art. It also displays a comprehensive collection of palaeo-neolithic stone tools of our region, and other archaeological artefacts. It displays archaeological antiquities, ethnological gallery (Birhor), crafts gallery, textile gallery, etc.